Great article. Unfortunately even members of my family still think I’m a crackpot to question the Vax constantly. The brainwashing is epidemic.

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I very much appreciate you sharing your personal story and the frame of scripture with your research work - because in reality they are three frames of the same story and depth and context is what will get us out of this mess. Going to dig into this research. Thank you David.

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Oct 19, 2023·edited Oct 19, 2023

I was a stutterer from childhood. I too was told by my high school counselor to never bother with university. There are many with that story. Professional educators heralded what would happen to the trustee and fiduciary culture in our modern institutions, and the serial depravity and incompetence that masquerades for advantage and remuneration.

And that has led western society into the murderous catastrophe of the mRNA conspiracy of fraud and racketeering made possible by an epidemic of misplaced credence and a reckless over-reliance on hearsay arising therefrom.

We have all heard the axiom: "Never attribute to malice what can also be attributed to stupidity." But how do we reconcile entire systems of trustees and fiduciaries ensconced in institutions and the related corporations of our modern era? Only a most malignant sloth and psychopathy of indolence explain the silence and serial errors in advice and policy, except for one other thing.

That one other thing is criminal intent. The emerging evidence of crimes cannot be easily dismissed. Neither can the apparent and essential guilty knowledge of those who knew or should have known who exploited in bad faith the credence afforded them, many doing so with a depraved indifference regarding the harm it would do.

It is what it is. They have done what they have done.

As the months grind on the more naked they become before an awakening world. We have all lost someone close to us who died too soon during this orgy of malignant harvest.

Ultimately, the perpetrators and their enablers, sycophants and syndicate predators are left with nowhere to hide. This includes their culpable employees and officers.

Just keep grinding out the truth. There is no immunity for criminal acts.

Res Ipsa Loquitur.

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But there may not be such things as viruses.

Endogenous DNA and RNA does not count.

Since you have a PhD in viruses, can you prove they exist? Usually the first step before someone studies something, it must exist, if it does not, it is a hoax.

Just asking because scientists always need to keep an open mind.

Thank you.

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In keeping with the " Courageous Truth", Dr. Byram Bridle was silent after his major revelation ( FOIA Japan) early on. Where did he go for years after it and why? Silence, crickets. Did he remain silent to keep his job? I don't know why he remained silent, do you?

Either I am wrong about his silence or you are trying to fool us in pretending to tell the truth but you are NOT.

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Thanks for sharing David. You are a brave man. I appreciate all that you are doing. Much love, and God bless you brother.

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Thank you for this. Could you explain to the non-science people what 'ori' DNA is?

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Thank you so much for all our Canadian brave souls. This climate is certainly not conducive to truth telling. How much longer can this mess be hidden? We’re embarking on vaccinations for 6 month olds, which is diabolical. I’m vaccine injured and don’t want any of these horrendous side effects to happen to wee babies.

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I live in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. I am truly amazed at the campaigns to get people to be get the shots. From an earlier part of this craziness, I had huge questions that were not being addressed. I had to look at alternative media, journals, media from other countries and podcasts to make some sense of it. I appreciate people who are looking g for the facts.

I am honestly tired of the medical censorship in Canada.

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Great job David!!! Thank you for sharing. Your work shows Honesty and integrity. We need more scientiests and doctors like you are. Thank you!

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Truth is simply truth. It should not be construed as divisive, disruptive, or courageous or even passive. It simply "IS." There should not be anything BUT Truth, but there unfortunately is. To speak it takes courage, as "Courageous Truth" suggests, but it is the speaker to whom credit should rightly go for the risks taken thereby. Or to be even more specific; it is the Holy Spirit of God Who convicts the conscience to do right, to speak right, to act righteously, and not conceal, or minimize any part for personal gain or protection. There are those professionals whom we have witnessed the axe coming down on their necks for doing right. These are the courageous souls who have put the Truth above their well-being and most if not all have suffered consequences at the hands of the "machine."

There WILL be a reckoning for the willing participants' silence and complicity. That day is coming for them, and someday, thank the Lord, there will be great rewards for the Truth tellers.

"Goats on the left.........Sheep on (and IN) the right!"

God bless you, C.T. Fear not, for the God of Truth is FAR greater than all that offends.

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Thanks for your work. I have one question: in the preliminary report from WCH, three of the Pfizer vials were reported to be above the standard by qPCR. What is the reason why all of them were below the standard? I would appreciate if you could tell me the reason or the formula.

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It is like I heard Jessica say the evidence is clear they are doing this on purpose to create harm and death! Pure evil 👿!!!!!!!!!

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Excellent David, will share widely.. thanks for all you do and especially for this research.

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That is badass that you didn't let that school counselor hold you back from the academic greatness that you have acheived,,,, especially since our times require brave and honest scientists like you and Rose.

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Thank you for posting this brillant analysis.

So far it is now out in the public domain that billions of DNA fragments, along with SV40, and even leftover eColi has been found in nearly all Pfizer and Moderna.

What is still missing from public discussion is the presence of strange, synthetic metallic quantum nanotechnology that is self-assembling at different emf frequencies, this in something called hydrogel that itself is infused with highly toxic graphene oxide during the manufacturing process of which PEG, polysorbate glythol (in Pfizer c19 /moderna) is merely an ingredient.

I am still suffering from a first AstraZeneca injection containing polysorbate-80 which “causes cancer, emulsifier that opens the blood brain barrier so the aluminum nano particles can get in.”

I suffered from continous outbreaks of mouth ulcers and herpes for many months after my astra-zen injection, and came down with many colds, stomach and severe back pain and a racing heartbeat.

Apparently this is also known as a rheumatic RFID, most likely behcets disease, and 30 months after the AZ injection I am now suffering from vasculitis which is causing alot of pain on the heel of one of my feet which I never had before ever.

So the pathways of destruction induced by these so called safe and effective vaxxines continues on, years later despite taking lots of antioxidants, keeping a gf anti-inflammatory diet and drinking pineneedle tea.

Oxford University and Dr. Sean Elias from the University of Oxford’s COVID-19 vaccine team should be prosecuted and shamed for false advertising. How dare you hurt me!

Get their vaccine and be injured for life, no thank you.

Wish I had never taken this injection. Sorry for longish post. Then to add insult to injury I was fired for gross misconduct for not getting a 2nd jab but they used the excuse that I had provided some websites questioning safety to a young NHS newstarter nurse in private conversation.

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